Record-Breaking Settlement of $8.395M for Injury to Person’s Hands in Illinois

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

What happened?
A patient was able to walk out of an in-patient medical clinic in the middle of a Polar Vortex. The facility never called 911 or searched for him. Due to him being outside in –40 degree weather for over 90 minutes. As a result, this man suffered horrible frostbite injuries to his hands resulting in amputations, chronic pain, and impacted his ability to work.

Our challenge?
Take provided data and use it to showcase the timeline of events leading up to the patient’s injury and severity of injury.

The outcome?
Our artists at ADM created an interactive timeline to show the patient’s care and treatment leading up to the incident as well as the 90 minutes of him being outside where the frostbite occurred. We also used graphics to show how frostbite occurred in the hands and the effects on the brain.