Traumatic Brain Injury Trial Exhibits

Traumatic Brain Injury Trial Exhibits

Your client suffered head trauma and residual brain damage during a personal injury incident like a slip and fall, when using a dangerous or defective product, as a result of medical malpractice, or in a truck accident. Yet, the defense is denying liability or doesn’t want to pay what’s fair and just to ensure your client can receive the necessary medical care they’re bound to require in the future. What can you do to ensure your client has the best chance at winning in court now that going to trial appears inevitable? Having Advocacy Digital Media create traumatic brain injury trial exhibits can elevate your case in the courtroom.

Types of Demonstrative Aids Usable in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

If asked what demonstratives they would use when litigating a brain injury case, most personal injury attorneys would likely mention X-rays, CT scans, or MRI results. While that kind of medical imaging does have a valuable role as demonstrative evidence in cases like these in showing perhaps the type or extent of the brain injury, it doesn’t explain causation, which is where the trial exhibits we create at Advocacy Digital Media play a role.

The types of demonstrative aids we create include illustrations or animations, either of the 2D or 3D variety. You can think of the traumatic brain injury trial exhibits we create as giving your jurors a close-up, inside view of what causes these injuries. These visual exhibits can also demonstrate how brain injuries impact neurological signaling necessary to perform everyday functioning and can cause other health complications or death.

Some brain injury exhibits we have experience producing for attorneys include:

  • Functional maps which demonstrate where brain impairments lie
  • The source and extent of a brain bleed
  • Mechanisms of whiplash
  • What happens to the brain when coup-contrecoup injuries occur
  • How the brain receives oxygen and blood (and how pathway obstructions may occur)

The sky’s the limit when it comes to trial exhibits that we can produce to forward your brain injury client’s case. Contact us to discuss your needs for courtroom demonstratives so we can get to work for you.

How Traumatic Brain Injury Trial Exhibits Prove Negligence

As a personal injury attorney, the onus falls on you to prove that a defendant owed your client a duty of care and that, by not upholding that responsibility, they suffered harm.

The trial exhibits we produce can demonstrate how an assault, the impact of a car crash, and other traumatic events directly caused the injuries your client has. For example, in creating a car accident reconstruction, our Advocacy Media Group animators can show how the speed, angle, and impact of a crash could contribute to causing a brain injury like what your client suffered.

Also, in terms of proving liability, our animators often use your client’s past and current medical records to depict how their injury incident affected the structure or functioning of their brain. So, if your client has previously undergone a head scan, we can potentially integrate that imagery and create an overlay to show changes to it post-accident. Depending on the recency of that imagery and lack of reports of any other injury incidents, that may paint a clearer picture of causation.

Additionally, a judge and jurors may find it easier to conceptualize the extent of the injury your client sustained and the associated pain and suffering they’ve endured by seeing imagery that depicts the severity of an impaling injury, for example. Since your responsibility is to prove your client sustained harm, having a visual depiction of the injury and perhaps a witness testifying as to the cognitive or functional impairments and associated cost of care can help substantiate your claims for damages.

Our Team’s Experience in Creating Traumatic Brain Injury Demonstratives

In our experience, personal injury lawyers often are drawn to this practice area because of a passion to hold those who engage in negligence accountable for their actions so they don’t hurt anyone else again. As such, we find that attorneys like yourself want to do whatever possible to ensure your clients achieve the best possible outcome in their cases. Here at Advocacy Digital Media, we share the same passion. We want to support you in seeking justice for your client and, in turn, making this world a safer place.

Having expertise in graphic or computer-generated design is one thing; however, being able to integrate data and facts into visual aids requires specialized knowledge. Also, having a clear understanding of engineering concepts, such as speed and brake distances, and the law, such as what’s admissible as evidence, is key.

Our team members have decades of combined experience in all the fields necessary to build engaging traumatic brain injury trial exhibits that help jurors understand the material presented and resonate with them. Contact us online or call us to discuss your needs and how we can create courtroom demonstratives that amplify your chances of winning your client’s case.