Our Vision

We started Advocacy Digital Media because we have a genuine passion for telling stories.

We understand the high stakes in legal trials and the importance of helping attorneys effectively communicate their clients’ stories. A deep sense of responsibility to our clients and their clients drives our commitment to excellence. We may be a creative agency, but our job is a serious one: working with and for real people who are deeply affected by their circumstances. We execute every project with precision and care because we understand that our projects often carry legacies with effects that endure past the verdict.

Our goal is to create a lasting impact through our work, and we are honored by our contributions to the legal field and our advocacy on behalf of individuals and their families. That is why we do what we do.

– Kevin Markey
President, Storyteller

More from our team of storytellers:

“The confidence Kevin has placed in me is something I deeply value. When you’re fortunate enough to work with someone who trusts you, it unlocks endless possibilities in your mind and motivates you to always bring your A game. I feel that ADM has provided me with a strong foundation to grow as much as I aspire.” – Susi de León Campo, Director of Projects

“It has been quite the journey putting in the research and development into an easy-to-use interface that has the capacity to add or scale back the complexity that is unique to our 3D interactives. It is a living and breathing piece of software where we can add and create any functionality our client needs based on their case.” – Elijah Jackson, Interactive Animator

“I’m always proud when a case is won through ADM’s assistance. A great deal of time and effort goes into these trials, and anything we can do to help our clients past the finish line feels fantastic.” – Sarah Steiner, Graphic Designer

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