Aviation Accident Reconstruction

Aviation accident reconstruction

The most recent data compiled by the National Safety Council shows that, in 2021, there were 1,225 total civilian aircraft accidents in our country. As a legal professional who represents those who personally suffered harm or lost a loved one in crashes like these, you know these cases often go to trial. Aviation accident reconstruction can convey where liability lies in a visual way that resonates with judges and jurors.

Our work together begins with an initial discussion with one or more Advocacy Digital Media consultants and animators. So, if you want to take the presentation of your client’s aviation accident case to the next level by showing high-tech, interactive, and multi-dimensional trial exhibits, contact our courtroom animation company. We want to be your partner as you seek to hold negligent parties accountable for your client’s injuries or wrongful death.

What Does Aircraft Accident Reconstruction Entail?

Airplane crash reconstructions may vary significantly, depending on what you, an engineer, or an accident investigator deem to have been contributing factors that caused the incident. So, for example, the reconstruction may focus on:

  • The creation of detailed illustrations or renderings of specific aircraft parts or components like landing gear, a wing, an engine, its nose or its tail that failed
  • Recreating the aircraft’s flight pattern, overlaying it with weather, environmental, or tactical data
  • Human error, including pilot, flight crew, or passenger actions or inactions that preceded the accident

The suspected cause of the crash will impact the type of aviation accident animations or illustrations our Advocacy Digital Media team advises are ideal for us to produce to strengthen your case.

Types of Aviation Accident Scene Reconstructions We Can Produce for You

At Advocacy Digital Media, we create illustrations and animations that transport your captive audience in the courtroom to the scene of airplane crashes. To this end, we use computer-generated 2D and 3D imagery, which may take the form of illustrative renderings of virtual reality interactive environments in demonstrating:

  • An aircraft’s potential state of disrepair or declining aerodynamic capacity leading up to the crash
  • The airplane’s trajectory leading up to and during the catastrophic aviation accident from ascent to descent
  • Actions pilots in the cockpit and cabin crew members likely took once they became aware of mechanical failure
  • How exceeding passenger or cargo weight limitations of the aircraft led to its ultimate demise
  • The order in which the airplane broke apart or how a fire ignited or spread on impact

Put quite simply, our Advocacy Media Group animators can create trial exhibits demonstrating virtually any aspect of causation that led to an airplane accident occurring, whether it was mechanical, pilot error, or attributable to other human negligence, so that jurors, judges, and the courtroom’s gallery can make informed decisions about causation, and thus, whether anyone acted negligently and, if so, whom.

How a Reconstruction Strengthens Expert Testimony

Attorneys who are considering having our animators at Advocacy Digital Media create airliner reconstructions for them often inquire how those interactive trial exhibits strengthen expert testimony. It does so by:

  • Simplifying a complex witness account by having a visual depiction to go along with their testimony
  • Cementing what those witnesses say in a juror or judge’s mind since visual representations of things tend to resonate and stick with individuals more than solely audible accounts of them
  • Demonstrating theories about how an injury or fatal incident occurred (the causal factors that contributed to it happening)
  • Bringing to life what witnesses testify a victim went through as an airplane became mechanically unsound or otherwise unsafe leading up to the crash

In short, interactive courtroom exhibits like these are effective in depicting negligence that led to a plane crash, which can help jurors reach decisions in your client’s favor.

Achieve a Successful Verdict With Our Help

Our aviation accident reconstruction professionals have extensive experience producing courtroom demonstratives that incorporate data from photographs and videos, investigative reports, witness accounts, and more involving all different types of aircraft. We’re confident in our ability to produce trial exhibits, including airplane crash illustrations and animations that will help judges and jurors visualize how negligence (and whose) led to the adverse outcome your client experienced.

So, if your desire is for your jurors to determine liability in your favor, as is undoubtedly your goal as a personal injury lawyer, it’s critical that you allow our Advocacy Digital Media team to produce visual aids that you can present in court at trial for you. The impact these demonstratives can have on verdicts and awards is worth the investment. Let’s discuss what types of aviation accident reconstruction exhibits may enhance your case during an initial consultation today.