Construction Accident Reconstruction

Construction Accident Reconstruction

The power of using demonstrative evidence is often underestimated. If there were data published showing the outcomes of civil matters when plaintiff’s lawyers use interactive trial exhibits in the courtroom, you’d probably find they not only often result in favor of victims, but also in higher awards. Our Advocacy Digital Media team of animators can produce a high-quality, accurate construction accident reconstruction that you can use to advocate for the best interests of your client.

Types of Visuals Appropriate in Construction Accident Cases

Construction accident reconstruction, like trial exhibits we produce for use by attorneys in other personal injury cases, shows why and how an incident occurred. Our clients have used visuals like illustrations, animations, and 2D and 3D construction reconstructions to depict some of the following:

  • Typical construction processes, including organizational flow charts illustrating who was responsible or oversaw different building stages
  • How house foundational issues developed, putting homeowners at risk of injury or death from structural issues
  • Weather factors that caused a crane to become unstable, topple, and fall, striking others in its path
  • Truss failures resulting in construction worker strike-by injuries or falls
  • Improper installations or maintenance of elevators or escalators, which led to their failures and respective user injuries or deaths
  • How sinkholes developed, putting business owners and their customers, residents, and motorists at risk of harm
  • How a gas line leak occurred, resulting in injuries or death
  • Causes of masonry failures causing a wall not to be as structurally supportive as it once was and to crumble and fall
  • How a forklift accident occurred

These are only some examples of situations where animators create demonstratives reconstructing how construction accidents occurred. Let our Advocacy Digital Media team discuss your client’s injury or fatal accident and what your expert witnesses plan to testify to at trial. We can then create interactive exhibits that can cement their theories for the judge and jurors so that they’ll remember them when tasked with reaching a verdict.

Effectiveness of Reconstruction Videos in Construction Accident Trials

As for a construction accident reconstruction, such trial exhibits can be critically important in showcasing a defendant’s negligence that caused the adverse outcome. For example, the 2D and 3D reconstructions our Advocacy Digital Media has experience producing in the past in construction site injury or fatality cases have effectively shown situations such as:

  • How a construction worker would not have fallen from scaffolding had proper fall protection measures been in use
  • How a homeowner’s struck-by injury wouldn’t have occurred without contractors taking shortcuts in framing or construction that led to structural failure

In addition to situations like the ones above, construction accident reconstructions may effectively discount what a witness alleges they saw before, during, or after your client, the plaintiff, suffered injuries.

How a Construction Injury Reconstruction Helps Your Claim

In reading the descriptions of types of visuals and their effectiveness above, you can probably get the impression that construction injury reconstructions help strengthen claims. The reason that these courtroom demonstratives our Advocacy Digital Media team creates build strong cases is because they:

  • Visually depict how the construction accident occurred, which sticks in jurors’ minds
  • Incorporate actual data and facts instead to prove or disprove witness accounts
  • Make witness testimony more digestible

Benefits associated with using demonstrative evidence like reconstructions in a litigated construction injury case can be extremely effective and lead to verdicts and higher jury awards in your favor. However, these exhibits only strengthen a case if the company producing those demonstratives for you ensures the accuracy of the information included so that they’re admissible in court.

Reach out to the Advocacy Digital Media team to discuss your client’s case and how you’re considering using a construction site accident reconstruction so we can let you know how we might be able to help.