Railroad Accident Reconstruction

Railroad Accident Reconstruction

Every year, trains move approximately 33% of all American exports across 140,000 miles of rails. And around 40% of all long-distance freight is moved by trains. As a society, we rely on the safety and functionality of the rail system for economic stability. So, when something goes wrong, a railroad accident reconstruction can be a pivotal piece of evidence.

Our accident reconstruction services are specifically tailored for lawyers, legal teams, and law offices working with injury clients.

Graphical Reconstruction for Railroad Accidents

Advocacy Digital Media re-creates railroad accidents with precision and attention to detail. Time and time again, lawyers rely on our services and products when fighting for the compensation their clients are owed.

Our teams of animators, illustrators, and storytellers reconstruct the events surrounding railroad accidents using a number of scientifically accurate sources of evidence. On-board video footage, information from event data recorders (EDR), maintenance records, expert witness testimonies, track profiles, police reports, FRA investigations, dispatch records, and more are key pieces of evidence that we rely on.

Our dedication to the truth is rooted in the evidence of each and every reconstruction we work on.

We offer a wide range of products and services designed to aid legal teams both in and out of the courtroom:

  • Forensic Animations
  • 3D Realization™
  • Medical Illustrations
  • 3D Stills
  • Infographics
  • 2D & 3D Interactive Presentations

Railroad Accident Reconstruction for FELA and Personal Injury Claims

The United States is a country that heavily relies on motor vehicle travel. We’re used to traveling by car and sharing the road with big tractor-trailers. What we’re far less familiar with is the functionality of railroads and trains.

Whether you’re a lawyer helping an injured worker seek FELA benefits or are part of a legal team pursuing compensation for a victim hurt in a train crash, it’s your job to educate the investigators and jurors about the nature of train travel, transportation, and accidents.

Visual aids are a necessary component of successful FELA, personal injury, and wrongful death claims. We say this because today’s courtrooms rely on so much more than just verbal testimony.

Our railroad accident reconstructions can be used as admissible pieces of evidence in cases against even some of the biggest freight and railroad companies, like:

  • BNSF Railway
  • Union Pacific
  • CSX Transportation
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Norfolk Southern Railway

Improving Your Chance at Fair Compensation

The key to a successful claim is in the details. Broad facts don’t win cases—specific evidence does. Advocacy Digital Media proudly partners with lawyers to highlight important and relevant evidence, breaking facts of the case down into manageable chunks that are easily understood by jurors.

We can help you illustrate and animate virtually every aspect of a railroad accident, no matter how complex. This includes:

  • Multiple perspectives (including victim’s perspective, engineer’s perspective, overhead shots, and more)
  • Mechanical failures
  • Gate arm or crossing signal malfunctions
  • Speed of the engine and involved vehicles
  • Mechanism of derailments

It’s your job to stand up and fight on behalf of your client. It’s our job to make sure you’re equipped with the visual tools and legal demonstratives you need to be in your best fighting condition.

Advocacy Digital Media—Simplifying Complex Ideas

We believe in designs that make a difference. In all that we do, it is our goal to have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those we work with. That’s because we understand the weight that our work carries. It’s not just compensation that’s on the line—it’s the lives and well-being of those who have been wrongfully harmed.

Advocacy Digital Media proudly works with law offices nationwide. Our team of storytellers has the experience, knowledge, and background needed to handle even the toughest types of animations and illustrations.

If you’re dealing with a train crash, it’s time to get in touch—we’ll discuss how a railroad accident reconstruction can support you and your client’s claim.