How Long Does it Take to Create a Courtroom Animation?

How Long Does it Take To Create a Courtroom Animation

Here at Advocacy Digital Media, we often have personal injury attorneys reach out to us who inquire about our courtroom animation services. They often let us know that there’s an impending trial in their case and that they believe having demonstratives to show the judge and jury can enhance their chances of securing a settlement for their client. One of the more common questions lawyers like yourself ask is, “How long does it take to create a courtroom animation?”.

All this being said, our attorney clients can generally expect fairly straightforward animations to take a few short weeks to produce. In contrast, more complex 3D imaging can take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 months to turn around. Certain factors can affect these timelines, though, which we discuss below.

The best way to determine how long it might take to produce your courtroom animations is to reach out to the Advocacy Digital Media team to let us know the scope of your project and the impending trial date. During this initial consultation, we can discuss the demonstratives our team can produce, including the anticipated completion date for doing so.

What Does a Forensic Animator Do?

A forensic animator, who may have a background in engineering, criminal justice, or legal studies in addition to computer-generated design, has a unique role. It is to accurately depict an accident in a visually engaging way.

These animators aim to take data provided, such as measurements, for example, and incorporate it when making renderings using full-motion software technology. Their aim is to help judges and jurors who see these multi-dimensional courtroom exhibits understand case facts, evidence, witness testimony, and other critical accident-related details so that they can reach conclusions about causation and, thus, liability necessary to decide if a plaintiff’s case warrants receiving a monetary settlement for their injuries.

Different Types of Personal Injury Demonstratives We Produce

Our Advocacy Digital Media team produces a wide range of 2D and 3D animations, such as the following, for use as trial exhibits in personal injury cases:

  • Aviation accident reconstructions
  • Medical interactive exhibits
  • Product liability explainer videos
  • Motor vehicle accident illustrations or animations

As you can likely see, virtually any scenario where the onus rests on your shoulders to prove that someone else’s negligence resulted in your client suffering harm is one that we can likely depict in a visual way so that it will convince others of the same.

The amount of time it takes to prepare these graphics depends on the complexity of the material, the amount of data incorporated, and the type of rendering you’re looking for.

Our Advocacy Digital Media team understands that personal injury lawyers like yourself might continue working to reach an out-of-court settlement until the bitter end, meaning trial dates may come up fast. Please contact our courtroom animation company as soon as you’re aware of the next hearing date (if not before) so we can ensure your trial exhibits are ready in time for when you need them.

Understanding the Courtroom Animation Process

In mentioning how long it takes to create a courtroom animation, you may be curious as to what goes into the design process. A common progression of steps in the animated trial exhibit design process includes:

  • Meeting with a forensic animator to go over project specifications
  • We ask you to transfer any data, photographs, or other files you’d like us to incorporate into our courtroom graphics
  • Your animator reviews the data or other assets provided to prepare for production
  • A team member sends you a written project proposal along with an anticipated completion date and pricing
  • The designer generates storyboards that illustrate how they anticipate the final courtroom animation or reconstruction to turn out
  • An animator on our Advocacy Digital Media team gets to work on your project using computer-aided design technology
  • We submit our completed personal injury trial exhibits to you for your review and make any necessary modifications
  • Our team closes out your project upon payment and sends you courtroom graphic files, along with instructions for opening them

The design process may deviate slightly from the steps above depending on the designer’s typical workflows and the types of graphics you want.

Factors That Affect How Long the Creation of Trial Animations Takes

Timelines our talented courtroom animators at Advocacy Digital Media require to produce the trial exhibits you need may vary, depending on various factors, such as:

  • The quality or complexity of data supplied
  • How many demonstratives you require
  • Which types of courtroom animation you are looking for
  • How long it takes for you to get back to us approving your designer’s storyboard or the final design

It should be noted that we do our best to see your courtroom animation project through as quickly as possible while also keeping you abreast of any rare, unforeseen circumstances that may delay your project’s timely completion.

Determining How Long It Will Take To Build Your Courtroom Animations

Our trial exhibit company is more than happy to engage in the brainstorming process with you. However, it can help expedite the design process if you come armed to your initial consultation with ideas about which data, facts, or other insights you want to highlight and ideas for how you want to convey it.

Also, being accessible and prompt in responding to inquiries from the designer, submitting modifications, or signing off on designs can move along the process more quickly.

We’d love to discuss your unique needs so our Advocacy Digital Media Team can give you a better idea of how long it will take to create a courtroom animation in your specific situation. So, call or email us to get the conversation started so we can get to work for you.