Trial Illustrations

trial illustrations

Verbal testimony alone isn’t enough to win cases. High-quality legal demonstratives like trial illustrations will showcase important information with clarity and precision.

Advocacy Digital Media designs exceptional custom legal visuals and demonstratives for lawyers and their clients. We are honored to help legal teams illustrate evidence in the clearest and most effective ways possible.

Trial Illustrations—The Benefits of Images in the Courtroom

According to the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), 90% of the data and information transmitted to the human brain is visual.

Our brains don’t just process the majority of transmitted information as visual, though. We also remember things that we’ve seen better than information we’ve heard or read, with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University reporting that “an item studied as a picture will be better remembered than an item studied as a word.”

There is no denying the value of spoken and written testimony, but we cannot overlook the advantage that a visual component can give a legal claim.

A trial illustration can:

  • Illustrate intricate or confusing timelines
  • Communicate complex ideas
  • Simplify medical jargon
  • Provide comprehensive views of injuries
  • Structure data in a straightforward way

Visual communication is a powerful tool for lawyers and legal teams. It allows you to summarize the facts of your case in a clear and concise manner, resonating with jurors in a meaningful way.

Taking a Deeper Look at Trial Illustrations

Advocacy Digital Media offers a range of powerful visual communication tools that can be used in the courtroom. These different services are designed to support trial lawyers as they highlight relevant evidence when it matters most—at trial.

We provide three main types of trial illustrations: medical illustrations, 3D stills, and infographics.

Medical Illustrations

Medical information and vernacular for even minor injuries, conditions, illnesses, or diseases can be confusing. But with a medical illustration from Advocacy Digital Media, your legal team doesn’t need to worry about conveying complicated information.

A detailed, scientifically accurate illustration will confer even the most complex information in the simplest and most straightforward way possible.

Medical illustrations can:

  • Identify the cause of an injury
  • Detail progression of an illness
  • Explain surgeries and treatments
  • And so much more

Our illustrators proudly execute every medical illustration with precision, care, and a commitment to excellence.

3D Stills

A 3D still can re-create a scene with lifelike accuracy. When jurors and investigators have the opportunity to view a comprehensive overview of an accident scene or injury, they are able to better connect with the information they are receiving.

Jurors won’t be forced to piece together their own images or ideas of what happened in their heads, and your team will be able to stay in control of the narrative through the trial and all court proceedings.


Most personal injury, medical malpractice, and premises liability cases rely heavily on a variety of data points.

Using vibrant imagery, bold colors, and striking graphics, we craft personalized infographics that clearly condense and showcase data and information in a way that is easy for others to understand.

In the courtroom, an infographic can:

  • Clarify timelines
  • Outline important sets of data
  • Highlight relevant statistics

By combining verbal testimony with compelling imagery, lawyers have the power to elevate the influence and potential of their cases.

Supporting Trial Lawyers and Their Clients, One Illustration at a Time

Advocacy Digital Media is a creative agency made up of animators, illustrators, and storytellers who were brought together by one unifying purpose—a deep desire to help legal teams and their clients showcase the truth.

We know just how high the stakes are during trials, and creating high-quality legal demonstratives is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

Let our team get to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about how trial illustrations can give your case the leading edge it needs.