Personal Injury Trial Exhibits

Personal Injury Trial Exhibits

Trial attorneys rely on high-quality personal injury trial exhibits for a variety of case types. At Advocacy Digital Media, we work closely with lawyers and law firms to translate dense data into stunning, memorable visual presentations.

Think you know all about courtroom graphics? We’re here to redefine what a personal injury trial aid should look like.

Advocacy Digital Media’s lineup of in-house specialists has the knowledge, creativity, and unparalleled skill to package intricate and extensive data into a visual your audience won’t forget.

Every personal injury case—whether it’s medical malpractice or a motor vehicle crash—contains complex information and technical medical and legal jargon. Our job is to render this specialized knowledge into a medium that paints a vivid picture, explaining in clear detail the injuries and damages your client sustained.

No matter what injuries, surgeries, emotional trauma, major life changes, or disabilities your client experienced, our dedicated team of creators, illustrators, engineers, and animation experts is ready to help you tell their story. We deliver high-impact trial exhibits that aid personal injury lawyers in earning clients the best possible case outcomes.

What Our Trial Exhibits Can Do for You

With your experience in the courtroom, you know the benefit that illustrations, animations, infographics, and other legal visual aids add to your litigation.

The customized and admissible personal injury trial exhibits Advocacy Digital Media offers can be used in trial presentations, mediation, deposition, and other stages of litigation. With convincing and informative exhibits in your toolbelt, you, like many of our clients, have an edge in maximizing results.

Our job is to help personal injury attorneys like you recover fair settlements faster for clients. We are proud of the multi-million-dollar settlements our clients have gone on to secure in personal injury cases across the country.

High-Quality Legal Visual Strategies Are Our Specialty

The team of legal graphics professionals at Advocacy Digital Media is prepared to help you present your personal injury case with compelling clarity, from top-quality personal injury animations to accurate, detailed personal injury illustrations that captivate audience attention.

We specialize in dynamic trial exhibits that utilize a variety of mediums to present information, including:

  • Illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • 3D stills
  • Case-specific infographics
  • Interactive presentations
  • Medical timelines
  • Diagnostic renderings
  • Medical and forensic motion graphics in 2D animation or 3D animation
  • 3D Realization™, our trademarked, state-of-the-art computer animated models based in the medical accuracy of CTs and MRIs

You’ve done your research. You know the facts. You’ve partnered with top experts in the field. You have the evidence your client needs to reach the case outcome they deserve. Now, let us equip you with the tools to present what you know in the most impactful way possible.


Advocacy Digital Media Specialty Focus Areas

From accident reconstruction to medical summaries to forensic images, we apply our skillset to your unique type of personal injury case. Combining cutting-edge visuals with scientific knowledge, we create personal injury trial exhibits that are hyper-customized to you and your client’s needs.

No matter what type of case and injuries we’re helping you with, our personal injury trial exhibits stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We focus primarily on these types of personal injury cases:

If your case type is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your specific case in greater detail. We may be able to help.

Let Our Creative Professionals Help Augment Your Litigation

Are you ready to get started? One of our team members can meet with you to discuss all aspects of your personal injury case and how we can help play a role in your litigation.

Bring your questions about the personal injury trial exhibits Advocacy Digital Media offers. The confidence we have in the impact our products deliver is rooted in a track record of success and positive feedback. We’re more than ready to work with personal injury law firms nationwide on even the most complex cases.

Call or contact us online to begin the conversation today.