Personal Injury Animations

Personal Injury Animations

Advocacy Digital Media specializes in cutting-edge personal injury animations that bring information to life with breathtaking clarity.

Our wide range of animation services has been trusted for years by personal injury attorneys and law firms across the country. No matter the type of personal injury case, our team of animation experts can give you admissible legal tools to make a lasting impression on a jury.

We offer top-quality animation solutions for personal injury cases, including:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Commercial trucking crashes
  • Aviation accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Product liability cases
  • And more

What Are Personal Injury Animations?

A story can only go so far. A picture can only go so far. But when a jury is immersed in compelling cinematic-quality animation that details what your client experienced, they won’t forget it.

Personal injury animations bring to life various aspects of your case in a way that jury members can fully understand and remember. Forensic animations can be used as a part of personal injury trial exhibits to strengthen an argument and bring clarity to complex topics. They add emotional depth and a level of empathy and personalization that other mediums lack.

Personal injury animations have the unique power to capture a moment in your client’s experience and display it in stunning visual accuracy. Our team of animation and reconstruction professionals build computer graphics that aid juries in understanding key facts of a case, so they can make the right decision on its outcome.

At Advocacy Digital Media, we provide personal injury animations such as:

  • Motor vehicle accident reconstruction
  • Surgical and other medical procedures
  • Faulty equipment failures
  • Aviation, maritime, or railroad accident animation
  • Summary and explanation of injury events
  • Mechanism of bodily injuries

At Advocacy Digital Media, we are proud to offer our trademarked 3D Realization™ services.

This exclusive offering is a focused animation type built upon scientifically-accurate medical imaging such as CT scans and MRIs. We use precise medical data to generate complex 3D models that can clearly explain medical procedures, injuries, and other health care information to an audience with even the most minimal medical knowledge.

How Can Personal Injury Animation Strengthen Your Case?

As a personal injury attorney, you know the value of visual presentations. In past court cases, you may have employed presentation aids like graphs, photos, PowerPoint slides, or other tools.

But other visual aids pale in comparison to the power of animation.

Whether you’re using Advocacy Digital Media’s 2D animation, 3D animation, or our trademarked 3D Realization™, you have in your hands one of the most convincing courtroom aids a lawyer can use.

Personal injury animation can strengthen your personal injury case by…

  • Creating a timeline that allows audiences to follow a sequence of events.
  • Conveying the full extent of the injury’s impact on your client’s physical and psychological capabilities.
  • Giving jurors the opportunity to understand your client’s perspective and experiences.
  • Adding intelligibility and memorability to complex testimonies given by expert witnesses (i.e., putting things into terms a layperson can understand).
  • Demonstrating exactly how an accident occurred and what actions had to have happened to cause it.

How Is Personal Injury Animation Used?

Forensic animation presented in 2D or 3D form is used in personal injury cases to explain important details relevant to the case.

It can be used to recreate an accident or injury event, help jurors visualize an injury, explain a medical process, illustrate the negligence that led to injury, or give context to key pieces of evidence.

It can also help establish emotion, giving the court a chance to see in full, moving, color animation the ways your client’s life was affected by the accident that caused them injury.

At Advocacy Digital Media, we look to a variety of sources when creating our personal injury animations. Taking photographs, videos, data, medical images, and more, we then use computer graphics to create 2D or 3D animated models of the events that took place.

The effectiveness of personal injury animations in the courtroom is unrivaled. They serve the dual purpose of making information clearer, and presenting it in a way that stirs attention, retention, and reaction.

Ready To Start Creating Your Trial Animations? We Are Too.

If you need forensic animation for your personal injury case, Advocacy Digital Media is here to help.

We are a hands-on agency that works closely with attorney and law firm clients to deliver exact results. Our precision, accuracy, creativity, and dependability give us an edge that our clients repeatedly return to.

Let’s talk. Our team of creative experts is ready to deliver the courtroom aids you’re looking for.