$13M Settlement for Family of Woman Killed in PACE Bus Crash

Case Type: Motor Vehicle Accident

What happened?
A woman was fatally injured after the driver of a bus, previously known to have suffered from obstructive sleep apnea, fell asleep at the wheel and drove the bus into a tree.

Our challenge?
Take provided video footage and other evidence to demonstrate the warning signs and timeline leading up to the incident.

The outcome?
By creating an easy-to-follow and informative timeline using video evidence, we were able to help show the sequence of events and negligence of the driver, helping to achieve a +13M verdict for her family.

Read more here: https://www.chicagolawbulletin.com/$13m-settlement-reached-in-woman-s-death-when-bus-driver-fell-asleep-at-wheel-20230331#:~:text=The%20family%20of%20a%20woman,15%2C%202021