Record-Breaking Med Mal Settlement in Illinois

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

What happened?
Due to a lack of imagining done on a 90-year-old’s woman’s heart and the chosen placement of her pacemaker, her doctor violated her standard of care.

The challenge?
We had to visually explain relevant anatomy to the case and showcase how a pacemaker should be properly put in, and how it was actually put in the patient, using medical illustrations.

The outcome?
Our powerful visual representation helped the plaintiff’s case, and they were awarded a record settlement in a medical malpractice case for a client over 90 years old. We take pride in using our expertise to help clients receive justice, especially in cases where the defendant’s actions have caused harm to vulnerable individuals.

“Placing the lead in the right ventricle complied with the standard of care. We wanted to simply show how, no matter the age of the Plaintiff, the lack of imaging the Defendant used led to his choice to place the lead in the incorrect ventricle causing a stroke.” -Mike Grieco; Romanucci & Blandin