Truck Accident Illustrations

Truck Accident Illustrations

Truck accidents are on the rise in the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data shows that there were 415,000 large truck crashes reported to police in 2020. While many of these didn’t result in injuries or fatalities, some did, and they’ve reached out to you for help in recovering compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. Truck accident illustrations like the ones we produce at Advocacy Digital Media can make your case even stronger and give jurors something to remember what you said when deliberating.

Our Advocacy Digital Media illustrators have extensive knowledge of graphic design and, oftentimes, of the law, engineering, medicine, and other periphery fields. This expertise can be helpful in creating top-notch, accurate graphics that convince judges and jurors to trust you, which can have a positive impact in the deliberation room. So, if you want to have the best chance of proving your client’s truck accident case, contact us to discuss the illustrations we can produce and how they can help.

How Illustrations Help a Judge and Jury Visualize a Truck Accident


Illustrations are effective in helping jurors and judges responsible for reaching verdicts in litigated truck accident cases visualize the cause of the crash. For example, when testifying in court, your expert witness may be able to utilize an illustration of property damage to your client’s passenger car to explain how they reached certain determinations about how the truck wreck occurred. As another example, you may be able to take a witness account of what occurred and depict it graphically, allowing them to use it as a visual representation when explaining what they saw occur.

While illustrations are effective in helping judges and jurors visualize a truck accident external to the vehicles involved in the crash, they can also be effective for showing what happened inside, whether under the hood, among car parts, or inside the cab or passenger compartment. For example, illustrations can show a tire’s condition before blowing out or how a passenger car might have looked once its roof caved in during an underride crash, shedding light on the fear the driver might have endured in that instance or their lack of survivability given the nature of the collision.

Truck accident illustrations also take on the form of infographics, calendars, survey-style property layouts, etc.—anything that can help bring data or facts to life and make them visually appealing or engaging so jurors will remember the presentation.

How Truck Accident Reconstruction Is Critical When Other Evidence Is Lacking

As discussed previously, a truck accident illustration can be effective at showing the respective parties’ roles or involvement in causing a crash. In fact, these visual depictions play a particularly critical role in a case where there is limited evidence of fault or liability, like witness accounts, to call upon.

Additionally, truck crash illustrations can clarify size differences in vehicles for jurors, as it can be challenging to visualize this on-demand. This size comparison can be coupled with expert witness testimony to open the door for discussion of braking distance, blind spots, the gravity of injuries, and more. Illustrations are also of value in litigated tractor-trailer wreck cases for showing skid marks and tread patterns, both of which can help jurors draw their own conclusions about what happened.

Truck Accident Illustrations

How Lawyers Use Illustrations To Depict Truck Crash Injuries

When it comes to illustrations, our attorney clients have used them to depict a wide range of tractor-trailer crash causes, such as how a tractor-trailer operator:

  • Hugged the center line and veered out of their lane, causing a sideswipe crash
  • Failed to turn on their lights in low light conditions, which made it difficult for other motorists to see them

Additionally, illustrations can depict:

  • Conditions of auto parts (like tires that blew out) that the trucker should have known about
  • Comparisons of electronic data leading up to and during the crash

As for showing how injuries occurred, demonstratives like truck accident illustrations can show how a/an:

  • Angled truck crash occurred, explaining injuries on one side of the body versus another
  • T-bone accident could have permeated the passenger compartment and left a person with bone fractures and/or internal organ damage
  • Real-end tractor-trailer crashes could have affected car riders differently, depending on their placement in the vehicle

There are really no limits to the types of truck accident illustrations we can create for you to present in the courtroom at trial in your client’s case. Reach out to us to share what aspect of the crash you’d like us to showcase visually for you, whether it’s causation or injuries. There’s little to nothing that we can’t capture in a visually captivating way. Our Advocacy Digital Media team is up to the challenge of creating illustrations that help strengthen your case, whatever your needs are, so let’s chat. Truck accident reconstructions, whether you want us to illustrate or animate something can take time to produce, so reach out as soon as you know of your need for these demonstratives.