Truck Accident Animations

Truck Accident Animations

Causation of truck accidents, as you’re well aware, can be challenging to identify—even for attorneys like yourself. So, as you can imagine, having a way to visually show jurors what type of negligence occurred and how that contributed to a crash can be particularly helpful as you seek justice on behalf of your client. Truck accident animations are a key component that many successful lawyers use when trying a civil case like this in the courtroom.

Our team of animators at Advocacy Digital Media has a wealth of experience with computer-assisted design along with engineering and the law. We have long been producing truck accident reconstructions and illustrations for personal injury attorneys like you. Let us help you present a stronger case at trial. Contact us now to discuss your needs for interactive courtroom exhibits.

The Importance of Visualization and Animation in Accident Reconstruction

Our professional animators at Advocacy Digital Media rely on the use of three-dimensional (3D) imagery, not all that different from what one might see when using a virtual reality headset, to visually demonstrate the causation of crashes.

A visualization is particularly effective in cases in which you contend that low-visibility conditions played a role in causing the accident that led to your client suffering injuries. Examples of situations where this may be appropriate are if headlamp illumination was a potential contributing factor to the crash or if rain impacted operator visibility.

Likewise, more virtual reality or augmented reality style courtroom demonstratives can be instrumental in helping jurors visualize what was going on leading up to and following the truck accident from differing points of view, such as the perspectives of the truck driver and the passenger car operator.

It’s additionally possible to combine photos and sounds with animations to forward a more realistic depiction of the crash scene and how the accident unfolded.

Different Truck Crash Animations for Use as Trial Exhibits

We utilize cutting-edge computer software to produce truck accident animations for use in the courtroom as trial exhibits. There are a wide range of truck accident animations our Advocacy Digital Media team can produce, some of which include:

  • 3D modeling of accident scenes
  • Vehicle occupant injury or impact visualizations
  • Aerial imagery

Truck accident animations like the ones above that we produce may depict some of the following:

  • How low light conditions contributed to a crash
  • The impact speed had in causing a truck rollover
  • How a tractor-trailer operator made too tight of a turn, crushing a passenger car in the process
  • Ways in which environmental or weather conditions like ice, fog, rain, etc., along with other factors impacted visibility causing a collision
  • Dangers associated with loose loads on truck beds or improperly secured cargo inside trailers

No matter the apparent cause of the crash, it’s likely something our animators can depict using the computer-generated imagery tools we utilize, so let’s chat about your needs.

Integrating Computer-Generated Animations at Trial

Computer-generated animations fall into the category of demonstrative evidence. These visual aids have as a purpose to not only serve as exact re-creations of events that occurred, but also to aid jurors, judges, and others in the courtroom in better understanding witness testimony where they perhaps give their professional opinion about what happened.

Whether track accident animations are usable in courtrooms comes down to whether you, as an attorney, are able to establish a foundation for using these interactive courtroom exhibits at trial. As you’re aware, the following factors impact whether a judge may deem such demonstratives to be admissible evidence in a case:

  • Relevancy
  • Probative value
  • Supported by testimony

Civil court judges may rule that trial exhibits like truck accident animations are inadmissible when there’s concern that they may inaccurately portray what happened. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most common objections to the use of these demonstratives by defense counsel is that you didn’t give them adequate time to review these trial exhibits before attempting to utilize them at trial in a truck crash personal injury case.

And, even if allowed to present these exhibits at trial, lawyers like yourself must do so with an admonition that they shouldn’t place more weight on the truck accident animations compared to physical evidence.

The Impact of Traffic Crash Animations During Trial

Put quite simply, the most significant impact that a traffic crash animation has during trial is that it explains what happened to judges and jurors. It would be extremely challenging to explain all the potential causal factors that contributed to the crash if not for the use of these interactive exhibits.

A truck collision animation gives you an opportunity to demonstrate precisely what motorists and the automobiles, tractor-trailers included, was doing leading up to, during, and following the collision, depending on what types of actions or factors you believe caused the crash.

As you can imagine, if liability is unclear, a visualization of what occurred can be extremely helpful to jurors in reaching conclusions, especially given how graphical representations like the ones our Advocacy Digital Media animators produce are based on factual data.

If you present demonstratives at trial and opposing counsel (the defense) does not, then given how individuals tend to best retain information that evokes the most senses, it’s reasonable to conclude that your presentation may be better retained by jurors or the judge in your case. You’re, thus, more likely to achieve a verdict in your favor and also potentially a higher award once it’s clear what type of traumatic event your client went through.

Our Commitment To Producing Credible and Admissible Animations

When it comes to truck accident animations, accuracy is key to admissibility. Since this visual evidence relies on factual data, credibility and thus, admissibility of the 2D or 3D animations we produce in truck accident cases is a much more seamless process.

Our Advocacy Digital Media team would like to discuss the factual information, including primary data, that you have amassed in your case to assess whether truck accident animation is a viable option for you in your client’s case. These trial exhibits can be extremely valuable in cementing an expert witness’ testimony in the minds of jurors; however, these courtroom demonstratives can take time to build so that their admissibility isn’t called into question. Reach out to us as early as possible to ensure we can produce the exhibits you need to win your client’s tractor-trailer wreck case.