Susi de León Campo

Director of Projects

Passion, attention to detail, and creativity are only a few words to describe Susi who holds the role of Director of Projects here at ADM. Susi not only oversees all communication between clients and artists, but plays the vital role of keeping the projects on schedule by organizing information to facilitate an effective workflow. She’s the ladle to our soup. Without her we’d be burnt mush at the bottom of the pot.

“It’s interesting how a spreadsheet may appear trivial, yet having the knowledge and expertise to manage it seamlessly and constantly improve it is both humbling and challenging.” – Susi

Guatemala is Susi’s home country where she majored in international relations and received her Master’s Degree in project management. One of her most valuable assets is being able to handle diverse personalities in different scenarios, and she thanks her time in UN mock-up runs back in Guatemala for giving her that culturally-diverse experience. Collaborating and fostering growth is a main goal for Susi at ADM; she consistently dedicates time to learn how she can better help each individual and department. All with the biggest smile and the best attitude!

ADM has given Susi the opportunity to use her project management skills but also a platform to continue exploring her creative side. Outside of work, you can find Susi problem solving in extracurricular activities such as creating music, painting, playing the piano, or training at the gym. “I enjoy experimenting with different chord progressions and modalities. When composing a piece in Dorian, why not transition into Phrygian just for the fun of it? #Radiohead.”


  • Works from: Home in Nevada; she’s most productive when in her office looking out at the beautiful mountain view
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: She prefers green apples over unhealthy Pringles
  • Top bucket list item: Score a soundtrack for a movie
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Her husband
  • Share an image of your favorite project: Here’s an ever-evolving, and very organized, project list!