Sarah Steiner

Sarah Steiner

Graphic Designer

Dealing with a lot of analytical and medical information that must be creatively displayed in a pleasing and understandable manner is Sarah’s main goal at ADM as our Graphic Designer. She enjoys creating informative graphics and interactive presentations that aim to tell a clear story and illuminate important details that are unique to each case. Although infographics have a reputation of feeling stale, Sarah strives to avoid that while creating clean and colorful designs that do not distract from what really matters; ensuring the clients story is told in an easy-to-read graphic.

“Many of our clients are very collaborative and I enjoy it when they approach me with ideas of their own that I can build from to make a unique exhibit for their case.” – Sarah

Her professional background covers a variety of experiences including working in animation, illustration, and graphic design on short films, advertising, and games. Stepping into a bit of a new role at ADM allowed Sarah to bring all her passions together to create with talented artists and like-minded individuals. She is always looking to expand her creativity and push the boundaries of the graphics she makes. She tends to do some thumbnailing or researching for inspiration to get the creativity flowing before starting a project.

She enjoys pursing several creative endeavors outside of work like drawing, sewing, and pottery. Sarah uses lots of color in her personal work and loves to incorporate what she does off hours with her professional work. When she isn’t being creative you’ll find Sara reading, playing video games, or enjoying time with friends.


  • Works from: Home office in Minnesota
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: She’s more of a Doritos girl
  • Top bucket list item: Take a trip to Japan
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Her younger sister, but she may have some more embarrassing options she doesn’t want to share… yet!
  • Share an image of your favorite project: