Lyanne Rodriguez

Lyanne Rodriguez

3D Animator and Storyboard Artist

Translating ideas to visuals through sketches, character animation, 3D modeling, and editing; these are just some responsibilities Lyanne takes on at ADM. As our 3D Animator and resident Storyboard Artist, Lyanne takes the facts and turns them into beautiful, animated stories for our clients. She’s like our own Iron Man using her digital creativity to make anything happen within the Animation pipeline; but most of all, Lyanne loves the pre-production side of things!

“Seeing the look on clients’ faces once we show them the storyboard drawings and they tell us that it’s exactly what they had pictured in their minds! It’s an amazing feeling.” – Lyanne

Some of Lyanne’s background includes being a “Render Wrangler”, which is essentially IT support for animators. See, our own Iron Man Woman! She has also previously worked as a Storyboard Artist at a movie studio where her storyboarding came to life. One of her favorite projects from her education included creating a full 3D animated short written, directed, animated, and edited by the one and only Lyanne!

She loves puzzle-solving activities in and out of work; as a self-proclaimed “board game nerd,” she has also recently been found going to all sorts of escape rooms. On the job, she works alongside her fellow animators; allocating different parts of the pipeline with each person’s respective strengths, constantly communicating even if one them is not assigned to the job. They collaborate as a team, so, at the end of the day, they can put the puzzle pieces together and create a beautiful visual our clients are proud to present.


  • Works from: Home in sunny Sarasota, Florida
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: Sour Cream and Onion
  • Top bucket list item: Go to Japan, which she proudly accomplished a few months ago! So, her new goal is to visit Italy or Spain!
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Her mom
  • Share an image of your favorite project: