Lauren Jadick

Lauren Jadick

Creative Director

Analyzing the full picture and providing the best possible means of visual communication for our clients is a strong skill Lauren brings to the table at ADM. As our Creative Director, she wears a lot of hats by overseeing the creative process, discussing visuals with clients, developing creative standards, and staying on top of trends; all while also taking part in our VFX and compositing. Lauren’s skills help keep our teams exhibits consistent with our values and high-quality design aesthetic so every client gets exactly what they expect from us. I don’t know what we’d do without Lauren and her always-evolving solutions.

“I bring a “Make it Work” mentality to ADM. I can find a way to brute force a solution to anything. I get super jazzed whenever one of my projects results in a big settlement.” – Lauren

Lauren’s background includes Technical Director in IT at one of the top animation schools in the world and prior to that she worked as a 3D Generalist at a medical animation studio. While solving technical issues for Computer Animation, Game Art & Design, and Virtual Reality majors, she ultimately missed creating art. ADM was able to close that gap and give her the opportunity to create art while also solving technical and creative problems that challenge her mind every day. As Creative Director, she makes sure to always be available to her team and has no problem blurring the lines between departments to make sure we can create better work for our clients as quickly as we can.

Her favorite job, however, is being a busy mom to her little ones. When she’s not momming you’ll find her watching true crime, learning weird science facts, playing video games, or knitting and crocheting. Lauren geeks out on all things science, anatomy, and true crime. She often brings ideas to work from what she learns outside of the office. Seeing the data and having it represented in a multitude of ways is a great form of inspiration for Lauren. Another fun fact about Lauren is she taught podcasting and communications in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Romania where we was actually chased by a bear! Don’t believe me? Just ask her!


  • Works from: Home in the Twin Cities
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: She’s not a Pringles fan, but a sucker for Kettle Pepperoncini chips
  • Top bucket list item: Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Her Grandmother
  • Share an image of your favorite project: