Kelsey Gentz

Kelsey Gentz

3D Animator and Illustrator

Having a decade’s worth of work in the medical art field, Kelsey is our 3D Animator and Illustrator, bringing so much knowledge and expertise to our team. She uses her experience as a 3D generalist and skillset of concept development to brainstorm the best format for the story the client wants to tell. Bringing to life the human anatomy and a new product to offer at ADM, Kelsey helped build and produce our first ever 3D interactive, which is now a popular exhibit for our clients. We have many innovators among us and Kelsey is one we’re proud to have on the team!

“I am a life-long learner. I love picking up new skills with each project I work on.” – Kelsey

Within the past decade, Kelsey has had the opportunity to work within the medical art field for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Being able to bring that knowledge and merge it with the opportunity to explore how to tell a story with it is something Kelsey enjoys at ADM. While she is always continuing her own education, she has no problem reaching out to her team to get some help where they shine and will always offer to help others when she can.

When she doesn’t have to be in front of a computer, you’ll find Kelsey outside as much as possible! She is an avid runner and loves being out and about with her family. You can also find Kelsey painting in her spare time or continuing her education through many avenues. She enjoys studying the rules of nature while hanging outside and applies them to her 3D work at ADM.


  • Works from: Home in Minneapolis
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: Jalapeño
  • Top bucket list item: To compete in an Ironman
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Her Grandma, Arlene
  • Share an image of your favorite project: