Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson

Medical Illustrator

Danielle is very skilled at telling our clients’ stories by visualizing medical information into compelling 2D illustrations and animations as our Medical Illustrator. Having a love for anything to do with the human anatomy and physiology directly impacts her work as she brings the same curiosity to learning as much as she does for each case. Accurately depicting medical and scientific data into a compelling story is not for the faint of heart and Danielle is our go-to girl for this!

“I’m extremely proud when a case wins using our exhibits. Knowing our art is helping those who need it is extremely rewarding.” – Danielle

At ADM, we strive to be engaging storytellers while still being true to the scientific information. For Danielle, this skill and her love for research started back in college at UIC where she received her MS in Biomedical Visualization. Her passion of fitness and nutrition allows Danielle to continue learning about the functionality of the human body, and she brings that knowledge to every project. She’s certainly not a one-trick pony, as she has the tools to create illustrations and animations and enjoys using 3D modeling software.

When she isn’t working, she loves cooking, exercising, traveling, painting, and watching movies, preferably with her family and friends! Although Rome and Chicago are two of Danielle’s favorite cities in the world, on the daily, you’ll find her working from home in Philadelphia. Continuing her education on 3D modeling and working alongside her teammates makes her a great asset here at ADM.


  • Works from: Home in Philadelphia
  • Favorite Pringles flavor: Cheddar and Sour Cream
  • Top bucket list item: Travel to Bali
  • Person you’d have lunch with right now: Issa Rae
  • Share an image of your favorite project: