Medical Malpractice Illustrations

Medical Malpractice Illustrations

When it comes to learning styles, research published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that at least 65% of people are visual learners. Why is this statistic relevant to you as a lawyer who represents clients who experienced health setbacks after negligence occurred? Conveying information at trial in a way that engages jurors, such as through the presentation of demonstrative evidence like medical malpractice illustrations, may add credibility to your case and help information stick with them better, which may, in turn, result in a judgment in favor of your client.

Medical Legal Illustrations for Malpractice Cases

Our illustrators, many of whom have combined expertise in graphic design, information technology, medicine, and the law, can produce colorful, detail-rich, and multi-dimensional perspectives of your patient’s body, their initial presenting concerns, and how a pharmaceutical company’s, medical device’s negligence, or health care provider’s breach of duty impacted them.

Some of the many different medical legal illustrations our Advocacy Digital Media team has experience producing for our personal injury attorney clients include:

  • Dissolving illustrations or overlay images that help jurors visualize a patient’s condition before and after the infliction of harm
  • Infographics that convey the long-term impact of medical negligence in a well-organized way
  • 3D stills, which can provide a realistic vision of your client’s unique anatomy or the implications associated with having specific lab results

As far as medical malpractice trial exhibits are concerned, there’s not much that we can’t illustrate for you to help jurors fully understand witness testimony and reach their own liability conclusions.

And you can present most, if not all, of the illustrations we produce however you deem is in the best interest of your client and utilize the equipment readily available in the courtroom. So, if sharing these medical malpractice illustrations on a computer or overhead projector or printing them and posting them on an easel in the courtroom is what you feel that you need to do, we will do our part to ensure that demonstrative evidence shows your client’s anatomical and physiological changes pre- and post-negligence in the best light.

The Value of Medical Legal Illustration

If you want to know how a medical legal illustration can add value to your case, one way it can positively strengthen it is by giving jurors something to help them visualize what happened. That can help them better understand what happened from your and your client’s perspective, which can go a long way in the deliberation room—especially if the defense didn’t present any similar demonstrative evidence for jurors to refer back to when deliberating the case.

Also, a visual depiction like a medical malpractice illustration can add monetary value to your client’s case. While there’s no specific amount that these interactive exhibits can add, it’s safe to say that when jurors can visualize exactly what happened and compare your client’s plight before and after a “never event,” for example, it helps them place themselves in the shoes of your clients and want to award maximum settlements in cases like this.

So, if you want to secure a fair and just settlement for your client and discourage medical providers from harming other patients in the future, let us at Advocacy Digital Media help you. Call or contact us online for a free initial consultation with a talented medical legal illustrator today.

How We Create Accurate, Compelling Medical Malpractice Illustrations

Our Advocacy Media Group illustrators utilize the best-in-class computer-assisted design tools to create factually accurate medical legal illustrations to add credibility to your case and to ensure that they have the best chance of being admitted as demonstrative evidence in a court of law.

To this end, our Advocacy Digital Media team does the following when producing medical malpractice illustrations to give them optimal chances of admissibility:

  • Carefully verifies the accuracy of data from imaging studies or surgical reports before integration
  • Collaborates with you with you and your expert witnesses (if necessary) in depicting anatomy and its functioning
  • Works with you to pinpoint and illustrate when a medical provider crossed the line between upholding a standard of care and violating it
  • Depict plausible and medically verifiable short and long-term implications medical errors have on patients’ (your clients’) prognoses

If you want to strengthen your client’s medical malpractice case as you head into the courtroom to try it in front of a jury, consider reaching out to Advocacy Digital Media as early as you can. Creating accurate interactive medical legal illustrations that are admissible in court and that accurately convey where negligence lies can take some time to ensure it’s done right. Contact us so we can start having important conversations about your need for medical malpractice illustrations today.