Medical Malpractice Animations

Medical Malpractice Animations

As you’re aware as a medical malpractice lawyer, by the time a civil case makes it into the courtroom, it’s likely that you and the defense counsel have spent a lot of time trying to negotiate an out-of-court settlement to no avail. You need to bring your everything to trial to ensure they decide in your favor. Medical malpractice animations can make all the difference as you look to explain what happened to your client in a way that jurors will understand and remember.

Medical Malpractice Animation Services for Lawyers

Here at Advocacy Digital Media, our animations bring to life human anatomy, physiology, and negligence in ways that make this complex subject matter more accessible and digestible for those charged with weighing evidence and reaching verdicts—the judge and jury.

Medical malpractice animations we produce can capture any body part or aspect of how it functions under the best of circumstances and contrast it with how mechanical or human error (negligence) led adverse outcomes to occur. The interactive medical malpractice trial exhibits our team has experience producing for lawyers depict various types of negligence, including:

  • Delayed diagnoses
  • Surgical errors
  • Childbirth injuries
  • Medication dosage errors
  • Radiologic misinterpretations

The above is a brief listing of just some examples of medical negligence we can depict for you.

Animations we create for you can be static or rotated so that they show varying perspectives of an issue. We can generate layered graphics of medical ailments that allow you to peel away skin and tissue to show how extensive an injury is compared to what meets the eye. And, if your client had a pre-existing injury, we can assist you in creating a medical malpractice animation that demonstrates the downward shift in their condition stemming from a case of negligence.

And, if you find it integral to your client’s case to reproduce variances in vital sign readings, or to color code imaging studies or test results to call attention to functional impairments, we can.

Demonstrating Malpractice Through Medical Legal Animation

Medical legal animations are unique in that they don’t just graphically depict anatomy and physiology as a purely health-oriented demonstrative might. Instead, they can also depict when and how negligence occurred. To this end, the medical malpractice animations we produce for you may demonstrate:

  • A comparison of imaging studies depicting a particular medical ailment where a radiologist should read your client’s X-ray or MRI differently from how they ultimately did
  • How the administration of the wrong dosage of a sedative by an anesthesiologist led to a rapid decline in their health as their bodily systems began to fail
  • The adverse implications a surgical error had on a patient’s vital signs, which resulted in them having lasting impairments
  • How a delay of mere minutes in delivering a baby deprived them of oxygen, causing birth asphyxia, which left behind residual brain damage

Of course, the examples above are only a few of many examples of combination medical legal concepts that our talented Advocacy Digital Media animators can convey in a realistic 2D or 3D format. We can take virtually any causation that you determined to have resulted in your client suffering harm and animate what happened. This ensures your case’s jurors have the best chance possible of understanding your expert witnesses and remembering their testimony when it’s critical that they do so—while deliberating in the jury room.

Advocacy Digital Media: The Medical Animation Experts With Experience

Here at Advocacy Digital Media, our animators have a long track record of working closely with medical malpractice lawyers like yourself to build anatomically correct courtroom demonstratives. Our experienced team members’ expertise doesn’t stop there, though. In addition to being experts in computer-generated design, our animation experts also have additional knowledge in relevant areas, including medicine and the law. We put this knowledge to use when working with you to graphically convey what would have been the appropriate standard of care and how a medical professional deviated from it, causing your client harm.

Working with medical animation experts with experience makes a world of difference when you’re preparing a case for trial. While our animations will gladly work under your directive in creating the graphics that substantiate witness testimony, our Advocacy Digital Media team members are more than happy to take a more proactive role in helping you brainstorm ideas for medical malpractice animations that send your narrative of what happened home. Our work together can begin as soon as after our initial consultation, so make contact with us to discuss your needs now.