Car Accident Animations

Car Accident Animations

Motor vehicle crashes sent more than 2 million people to the emergency room in 2020 alone. If you’re a lawyer representing one of the millions of people injured in a collision, you need high-quality visual evidence to support your client’s claim. And, at Advocacy Digital Media, our car accident animations help lawyers just like you accomplish their goals.

Proving What Happened in a Car Accident Case

Crashes injure millions of people every year. And, in the United States, these collisions are among the leading causes of death for people between the ages of 1 and 54.

Constant exposure to news about these accidents can desensitize us to the serious nature of motor vehicle crashes. For many people, hearing about an accident is practically routine. But when it’s your job to convince investigators, jurors, and the courtroom that your client was seriously injured and needs help, that desensitization is far from ideal.

To connect with the jury on a deeper, more effective level, your case needs a high-quality, scientifically accurate visual.

When it matters most, car accident animations win cases. Reconstructed with meticulous accuracy, our animated crash re-creations:

  • Depict sequences of events
  • Highlight driver error
  • Prove the angle or point of impact
  • Relay important crash information (like vehicle speed)
  • Illustrate driving and road conditions
  • Outline what happened before, during, and after the crash

There’s no need to leave anything in your case up to chance. Present a memorable argument that jurors will connect with on a deeper and more compelling level with an accident animation from Advocacy Digital Media.

Forensic Animation & 3D Visualization

At Advocacy Digital Media, we are proudly at the forefront of computer-animated technology. Our advanced 3D modeling software allows us to painstakingly re-create even the most complex accident scenes with precision and certainty.

Forensic animations depict accident scenes and collisions with factual accuracy. Whether you believe your case needs the support of a 2D or 3D visual, our team of animators and storytellers has you covered.

Cutting-Edge Animations To Support Your Claim

Accuracy matters in the courtroom. There’s no room for anything that’s less than the whole and complete truth. Advocacy Digital Media prides itself on our stunning, realistic, and error-free accident animations.

Our advanced animations allow your legal team to easily convey large amounts of information, different sources of evidence, and different perspectives of the accident.

Increasing juror attention and retention of important facts is easy with cutting-edge car accident animation.

Car Accident Animations—Taking Your Personal Injury Case to the Next Level

Advocacy Digital Media animates car accident reconstructions with stunning realism. Our animations are more than just useful tools—they are powerful legal demonstratives capable of taking personal injury cases to a whole other level.

Because our storytellers are on the side of truth, we take care to animate every reconstruction with as much precision, care, and accuracy as is needed.

That’s why we’re the agency that law firms trust. To learn more about how our car accident animations can support your claim, please contact us online or by phone.