5 Techniques We Use in Our Visuals to Humanize Clients & Cases

In the courtroom, the ability to humanize clients and their cases can be a game-changer. In this article, we delve into the techniques we employ to bring a human touch to our courtroom visuals. By utilizing scientifically accurate data, realistic textures, highlighting notable dates and call-outs, and employing likeness imaging, we aim to create a lasting impact in the courtroom. Here are 5 techniques our team uses to help humanize your client and cases:

Scientifically Accurate Data

Accuracy is paramount at Advocacy Digital Media. Our visuals are rooted in scientifically accurate data, ensuring precision and authenticity. By incorporating medical records, expert analysis, and verified research, we create visuals that depict injuries, surgeries, and procedures with utmost accuracy. This attention to detail enhances credibility and fosters trust with the jury.

Realistic Textures & Colorizing

To enhance the visual experience, we utilize realistic textures and colorizing techniques. By meticulously recreating textures, such as: skin, organs, or objects, we add depth and realism to our visuals. This attention to detail not only captivates the jury’s attention but also brings the subject matter to life, evoking a stronger emotional response and human connection.

Highlight Notable dates, Images, & Call-Outs

Our visuals go beyond mere representations by incorporating notable dates and call-outs from documentation and records. By pinpointing critical moments in the case and highlighting important details, we create a visual narrative that guides the jury through the progression of events. This technique allows jurors to immerse themselves in the story, making the case more relatable and compelling.

Likeness Imaging

When applicable, we employ likeness imaging techniques to accurately represent their physical features. By capturing their likeness, facial expressions, and body language, we create visuals that showcase their individuality and humanity. This personalized approach helps the jury connect with the clients on a deeper level, fostering empathy and understanding.

Portray Emotional Impact

At their core, our visuals aim to unveil the emotional impact of the events at hand. By depicting the consequences of negligence or the aftermath of an incident, we elicit empathy and compassion from the jury. Through the portrayal of human emotions, pain, and suffering, we emphasize the human toll involved, compelling the jury to view the case through a lens of empathy and justice.