$3M Wrongful Death Verdict in Central Illinois

Case Type: Wrongful Death

What happened? Our clients, Terrence Quinn of Phillips Law Offices and Tara Devine of Salvi Schostok & Pritchard, had a difficult case involving a five-year-old girl who suffered from a condition requiring regular blood transfusions. During a transfusion, she went into respiratory distress and died three hours later.

The challenge? Our legal animation studio had to visually explain complicated anatomy and pathophysiology to educate the jury and help them empathize with our client. We had to describe how blood transfusions can make gas exchange within the lungs more difficult, especially for our client with unresolved pneumonia.

The outcome? Our work helped the lawyers win the case despite no settlement offer, and the jury found the defendant guilty of negligence. Our animation helped the jury understand the medical complexities of the case and empathize with our client’s family.